Keep In Mind

Explainer Video Project


1 month (remote)


Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator


Storyboard Artist, Graphic/Asset Designer, 3D Modeler, Video Producer/Editor

The Mission: 🎯

We were tasked to create an explainer video with a time limit of one minute for my Rich Media Communications class at SAIT Polytechnic. We had the freedom to create it however we want, it just had to include a proposal, storyboard, script, and the final video for our submission.

My idea was going to be based on a fictional item that can assist with individuals who tend to to be forgetful.

Storyboard of video

Challenges Faced: 🤔

  • I had some troubles figuring out the atmosphere of the video. Because of that, it took me a little while to think of which sounds/music to go along with it.
  • Rendering the 3D models would often take awhile. There were multiple moments when the application would freeze and close down. 
  • As I was recording my voice, I did not have the right equipment to do the task as I wanted to; it didn’t sound clean enough. I only had my phone to use.
  • We were not taught much about Cinema4D so I had to rely on video tutorials online to get my ideas across.

Explainer Video Animation Script that includes video descriptions and audio used.

Outcome: ✅

At the end, I chose to create an explainer video that showcases a fictional ring that helps individuals remember their task(s). I presented it with an informative yet quirky atmosphere throughout the video. I wanted the audience to be captivated yet informed. I’ve also implemented all the 3D modeling I had planned to let the viewers visually see what the ring looks like in a hyperrealistic way.

Explainer Video